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Our dispensary offers a wide range of Prescription Medication, a Chronic Medication program and a Self-Medication Counter.




World Class Service with Spencer

Mopani Pharmacy is proud
of our "Spencer", an automated dispensary
system from Germany.  "Spencer"  uses robotic
arms to pick and pull medicines for dispensing according to our pharmacists' digital demands.  

Now our pharmacists have more valuable time to
spend consulting with patients while  Spencer accurately gathers the medication.


Prescription Medication

The Mopani pharmacists are serious about offering our community valuable consultations and advice.  With the swipe of your Mopani Card, our Mopani pharmacists can instantly see your prescription history at Mopani Pharmacy.

Quick and accurate identification of side –effects and possible dangerous drug interactions, is part of our professional service to you.

Self-Medication Counter

Our well-trained staff can assist you in finding the right remedies for your minor ailments, from the extensive choice available in-store.

Chronic Medication Program

Allow Mopani Pharmacy to take care of your chronic medication schedule.

Reasons to join our Chronic Program:

  • No hidden costs – we always charge your medical aid contracted price
  • We will contact you monthly to prepare your chronic script plus an SMS  reminder will be sent to you.

Postal Medication Warning:

Don’t let your medical aid force you to get your medicine in the post!

  • Medicine is dispensed by anonymous pharmacists, to be sent by post.
  • They do not know you by name.
  • Unreliable postal services could mean your medicine arrives late.
  • Postal medicine services know nothing about the history of your medicine, which is critical in preventing dangerous drug interactions.
  • Postal medicines do not offer one-to-one care and service.

More Convenience...

Mopani pharmacists are medical aid experts and we are able to verify your claim within seconds on-line.
Mopani Pharmacy also offers the latest in dispensing technology to support our friendly and efficient dispensary team.
Did you know that our pharmacists are available at the touch of a button? Simply SMS your number, or BBM us and a Mopani Pharmacist will contact you directly.

 Click here for more info on our account facilities at Mopani Pharmacy




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