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Wellness Clinic

Mopani Pharmacy’s Wellness Clinics offer a range of convenient basic health care services. No appointment needed… simply visit us in-store.


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Health Screening -
Know Your Score

A few minutes can save your life. Mopani Pharmacy’s Wellness Clinics offer Know Your Score:
a vital basic health screening.

Tests include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index

These scores can warn against possible health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.
Mopani Clinic is a registered provider for many medical aids including Discovery and Momentum so ask our clinic sisters about your medical aid's policy on health screening. We will gladly assist with your claim.

Baby Wellness

We know that yours and your baby’s health and development - before and after baby’s arrival - needs to be closely monitored. Rely on Mopani Pharmacy‘s clinic sisters’ years of experience for your peace of mind regarding pre-natal and post-natal screening and advice, childhood vaccinations for your precious little one and planning/spacing your family.


Mopani’s clinic sisters are well equipped to assist with all matters relating to HIV/AIDS, providing in depth pre- and post-test counseling and referral where necessary. We can also assist with CD4 count and viral load blood tests.

Hearing Tests

Our I’Langa Clinic offers Micro Hearing Aid two days a month which includes free testing and referral where necessary. Phone the I’Langa clinic reception to make an appointment.

Wellness clinic




Minor Ailments

Because Mopani’s Wellness Clinics do not require a prior appointment, you can count on us for your minor ailments. 

Our qualified and experienced clinic sisters will provide thorough clinical examination, prescribe medication (up to schedule 4) and/or refer you to other health care professionals should there be a need.

Wound Care

We can assist with wound care and removal of sutures/clips. We also offer advice regarding management of wounds at home and even assist with home visits for limited conditions within a 5km radius of Nelspruit CBD.

Chronic Illness Management

Wellness clinic

Mopani Clinic at I’Langa Mall provides specialist diabetic management via the services of Natalie Grobler.  Please phone the I’Langa clinic reception to make an appointment.

Vaccinations & Immunisations

Watch this space for release date of the 2015 flu vaccination!

Flu vaccinations are particularly important for the following people:
• Pregnant women (one’s immunity is lowered during  
• Children between 6 months and 5 years (2 doses 4
  weeks apart if vaccinating for the first time)
• Children between 6 months and 18 months with  
  long-term respiratory conditions (e.g asthma)
• People older than 65, especially those with chronic
  respiratory illness such as COPD/COAD and
  emphysema (pneumococcal vaccination is also
• People with other chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS,
  asthma, heart disease, diabetes or tuberculosis,
  kidney or liver failur




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