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Card FAQ's

Where’s the catch?

There is none. Mopani Card is completely FREE. It is our way of rewarding our loyal Mopani Pharmacy supporters.

Will I earn points on all purchases?

cardpriceYou will earn points for visiting us, every time you swipe your Mopani Card at any Mopani Pharmacy.

Some products will earn more points than others.

Look out for our DOUBLE POINT promotions.

Can I use my Mopani Card at any Mopani Pharmacy?

Yes, your Mopani Card is linked to any Mopani Pharmacy.

Your Mopani Card is also linked to your Mopani Pharmacy dispensary profile, ensuring that all Mopani Pharmacists can accurately consult and dispense prescription medication.

Can I use my Mopani Card as an account facility?

No, your Mopani Card is strictly a rewards card. You cannot purchase on credit with your Mopani Card.

You may apply for a Mopani Pharmacy account, which in turn will be linked to your Mopani Card. Read here for more information.

Can my family use the same Mopani Card?

Yes! For more convenience, apply for additional linked Mopani Cards – ensuring that points accumulate onto only one Member Number, helping you on your way towards a Reward Voucher that much faster.

When do I qualify for a Reward Voucher?

We issue Reward Vouchers every three months.

Card Voucher

Upon accumulating 200 or more points, you will be issued with a Reward Voucher.

The value of every Reward Voucher issued, depends on your total points accumulated. The more points your earn, the greater your Reward.

Will my points expire if I do not accumulate 200 points every three months?

No, your points will ‘roll-over’ and continue accumulating until you have reached a redeemable amount.

If you have however not accumulated enough points after 24 months, your points will expire.

How can I redeem my Reward Voucher?

You will receive your Reward Voucher reference number via sms notification.

Simply present your reference number and Mopani Car in-store with your purchases to claim your Reward.

How long is my Reward Voucher valid from date of issue?

Your Reward Voucher is valid for 6 months after date of issue.

Why haven’t I received a Reward Voucher yet?

There may be a few reasons for this:

Ensure that your contact details are correct at our Mopani Card Information desk.

If they are, make sure that the Mopani Card number in your possession is the same as the number on our system.

If all of this is correct, try to earn more points in-store by shopping from all of our departments.

If both you and your spouse use a Mopani Card – ensure that both are linked to only one Mopani Card Member number. This will help you earn your Reward Voucher that much faster.

What happens if I lose my Reward Voucher?

Your Mopani Reward Voucher is valuable and should be seen as real “Mopani” money.

Unfortunately, we cannot replace lost or stolen Reward Vouchers.

Upon receiving a Reward Voucher, keep it safe until you would like to use it.

Your Reward Voucher cannot be redeemed without presentation of your Mopani Card. Your unique Mopani Card number is printed on your Reward Voucher.

What happens if my Mopani Card gets lost or is stolen?

A nominal replacement fee of R20 is payable at our Mopani Card Information desk.

A replacement Card will be issued to you immediately and no points will be lost.

Do I earn points on deliveries as a Mopani Card member?

Unfortunately we cannot award points on telephonic orders.

To ensure that the correct Mopani Cardholder is allocated the due points, we need to swipe your Card in-store, upon purchase.

What about my privacy?

Mopani Pharmacy values your privacy and promises not to share your details with any third party for any reason whatsoever.

Upon joining our Mopani Card program, you agree to receive Mopani Pharmacy promotional news. This ensures that you never miss out on great savings.

Want to opt out of promotional messages?

SMS: Reply “stop”

Email: Follow links provided to opt out.


How do I get one?

Visit us in-store and fill out a Mopani Card application form.


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