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Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

There are 4 easy ways to settle your account:

  • In store at our Customer Service desk or cashiers.
  • Via the internet: Standard Bank 052 852, Account 030 300 371. Please use your account number as a reference to ensure payment is allocated correctly.
  • Via bank deposit: Standard Bank 052 852, Account 030 300 371. Please use your account number as a reference to ensure payment is allocated correctly.
  • Via debit order.

Please note that cheques are not accepted.


Do you charge interest?

Yes, interest will be charged to overdue accounts.


What determines my credit limit?

accfaq1Each customer’s credit limit is calculated by assessing the affordability of the account. Mopani is a registered credit provider and grants credit according to the National Credit Act NCRCP2050. You may purchase merchandise on your account up to the value of your credit limit. Your credit limit is reviewed regularly and may be decreased depending on your account status. In order to apply for your limit to be increased, you will need to provide us with proof of your disposable income again. No credit limit can be exceeded and limits exceeded will result in an automatic block of your account. The only way to fix this is to pay the amount which exceeds your credit limit.


When will my account be blocked and how do I fix this?

Your account will automatically be blocked when it goes into 60 days, or when 2 months installments have not been paid. The only way to fix this is to pay the whole amount which is in arrears.


What if I don’t receive a statement?

Monthly statements are posted before the end of each month. It is however the customers responsibiliaccfaq2ty to take note of payment obligations and to ensure that the account is paid in time. Should you for some reason not receive an account you can contact us telephonically, and we will give you the balance due and will also be able to give you a print out of your account should you require one.


I’m struggling to pay my account. Help!

Our debtors department can assist to set up a payment agreement to help customers not fall behind on their payments.


My personal details have changed. What do I do?

In the event of a customer’s personal information changing please inform our debtors department via email or telephone. You are also welcome to come into the pharmacy and change your personal information at the customer service desk.


What is the Mopani Card and how can I apply for one?

The Mopani card is part of our loyalty program and allows customers to earn points on all purchases they make at our stores. Once customers earn 200 points or more they will receive a voucher. The Mopani Card will also facilitate easy use of your Mopani account. It is linked to your account and immediately identifies you at our dispensary, calls up your account at our tills and saves you time. For more information on our Mopani Card, please consult our Customer’s Service Desk or phone (013) 755 5514.

Who do I contact for account information?

Our accounts administrator is Charleze Van Staaden. Please contact her on (013) 755 5500, by fax at (013) 755 5599 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mopani Pharmacy is a registered credit provider under the National Credit Act - NCRCP2050

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