5 Slimming supplements to try this summer

The shelves are covered in products, finding the correct one can be time-consuming. You need to know what type of product you are looking for. Here are five different products to consider:

EasiSlim Tonic

Controlling your appetite is hard when you have a sweet tooth. Getting over the mid-day slump with a chocolate bar seems reasonable. However, your blood-sugar will drop eventually, and you will crave something sweet soon.

The EasiSlim Tonic contains slow-release Yerba Maté extract, vitamin B-complex and caffeine. It has an energy-boosting effect, and aids in controlling your appetite. It may also aid in thermogenesis when used in conjunction with exercise.

  • Take up to two teaspoons per day
  • Do not take after lunch, as it may keep you awake at night
  • Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
  • Does not contain alcohol

Nutritech Thermotech CLA 1000 

Linoleic acid, also known as CLA is the most common omega-6 fatty acid, found in large amounts in vegetable oils but also in various other foods in smaller amounts. You would normally get most of it from consuming meats and dairy. However, many are not consuming lots of diary or meat due to preference or in line with their chosen diet.

CLA inhibits Lipoprotein Lipase, an enzyme that breaks the fat in your diet down so that it’s easily absorbed and stored in your body. Once digested, CLA is absorbed and metabolised by your body.

Nutritech CLA 1000 has been specifically formulated to help reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass, resulting in improved body shape. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid which is found in your diet and cannot be produced by your body.

  • Contains conjugated linoleic acid, 1000mg (Gelatin, Glycerine)
  • No common allergens
  • Take one or two tablets, one to three times per day, with meals

SSA ThermoLean Caps

When you sleep, your body sorts out all of the other lines of production it did not get to while you were awake. It produces most of your hormones during this time, and balances your stored energy with what you have burned for the day. What if you could keep burning fat while you sleep?

SSA ThermoLean is known as a two-in-one fat burner as it aids in thermogenesis during the day and a fat burner during your sleep. The black and pink capsule is used during the day, the white capsule during the night.

Day-time capsules contain caffeine and green tea extract for added energy. Night-time caps are focused on supporting insulin levels with dandelion root and garcinia cambogia for blocking fat and reduction of water.

  • Contains no common allergens but is produced in a facility that processes whey, casein and egg

Slimz AdiDetox 180 Accelerator Liquid

If you want to stay away from caffeine and other stimulants, this is the product for you.

Slimz AdiDetox 180 Accelerator is a stimulant-free formula packed with antioxidants. It detoxes and cleanses your body by accelerating and maximising fat breakdown potential. It cleanses your body of toxins, fights free radicals and optimises metabolism.

  • It contains green tea extract, ginger root, dandelion, vitamin C and grapeseed
  • The detox cycle should be repeated twice a month
  • Take 15ml in the morning, 10ml in the afternoon and 10ml in the evening before meals
  • Use for 7 days and repeat every 2 weeks
  • Drink lots of water to assist in flushing the toxins from your system

Slimz AdiSlim Hoodia Tea

If you like the idea of an added energy boost, and you love rooibos, this is the tea to try. Slimz AdiSlim Hoodia Tea is a natural appetite suppressant which harnesses the essence of the Hoodia cactus from the Kalahari Desert. It informs the brain that the stomach is full, and thereby reduces your appetite and cravings between meals.

  • Increases metabolism and physical stamina, stimulates higher energy levels and results in an improved sense of wellbeing
  • Refreshing taste
  • Contains rooibos, Honeybush and hoodia
  • Prepare as you would, with normal tea, without milk or sugar. You can use one to two sachets, which ever strength you prefer


You can never outrun a poor diet. You will only lose weight if you burn more energy than what you consume. These products are not meant to be the beginning and end of your slimming journey. It is meant to help you fight the fatigue, cravings and sugar drops associated with losing weight, and to help supplement some of the nutrients you need for the best results.

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