Dietician: 6 food items you will always find in her kitchen
Marcelle Le Grange, local dietician, shared her tasty little secrets of healthy snacking with us. Truth be told, so many ingredients recommended by the guru’s nowadays appear a bit… foreign, to the average Joe’s palate. In this case however, local is quite lekker. The following items are common and readily available at most grocery stores. Some of it is even stocked at Mopani Pharmacy!


Fresh green beans and carrots

“It is such an easy, convenient snack. Take green beans and carrot sticks with to work or school! You can snack on them, anytime. It’s healthy, crunchy and delicious!”

Olive oil

“I love fresh and grilled vegetables without sauces, yet still tasty and moist, not dried out. Olive oil makes for a great dressing, or to use for grilling or baking vegetables. It gives a fresh, natural taste. It is a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oil too.”

Almond flour

“It can be used as a substitute for normal cake flour. It is super healthy and low in carbohydrate value. I still want to be a normal human-being, and bake delicious treats! I just find it to be much more rewarding when it is both tasty and healthy!”

Popcorn kernels

“It is an easy, healthy and tasty snack. It takes only a few minutes to make, and one of my favourite snacks! Just be careful not to load too much flavouring and salt.”

Tinned tuna

“It is one of the best proteins you can add to your lunch. It is packed with omega 3, plus it will fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. There are so many ways to enjoy it. It can go onto a sandwich with some mayonnaise, or added to your salad or pasta. I always keep tins of tuna around for the days that I didn’t plan anything specific for lunch.”

Peanut butter (no added salt / sugar)

“Peanut butter is a great snack all on its own. If you are feeling fatigued and hungry, you can eat two or three teaspoons of it, if you are not making a sandwich. It is a great source of energy and healthy fats.”

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