Get your mind ready for 2021

New year, new challenges. Letting go of what is in the past, and moving forward can be one of these challenges. Here are our top tips on getting ready to face it all.

Get closure

Eat the leftovers, watch that show, finish the book, paint that wall. Make sure you ‘complete’ everything you can that you started in 2020. This will rid you of feeling that you have unfinished business. 

New year, new you

Get a hair-cut, buy a new eye-shadow palette, try a new outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. This year will be different from last year, and so will you.

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Limit toxic exposure

You can’t always avoid everyone and everything, but you are allowed to say no. You don’t have to babysit. You don’t have to get involved in drama. You don’t have to comment on that social media thread.

Practice simple boundaries and accept that you don’t owe explanations for setting them.

If you find that a certain page’s content is no longer bringing you joy, unfollow and move on. If your friends are fighting, let them handle it without your involvement.

Set some goals on a vision board

Set goals. A vision board with visible effort into its creation is a great way to keep you focused and ready to tackle the world.

Look after your brain

Your brain needs the right nutrients to thrive. Make sure to drink lots of water, eat right and supplement your diet with omega 3 to help keep your wits about you.

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Clear your mind

Adequate sleep, meditation, exercise and fun activities will help to clear your mind of negative thoughts and stimulate your happy-hormone production.

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