Getting healthy in 2021

New Year’s resolutions seem like a way to set you up for failure. However, there are some ways you can achieve, and stick to some of your goals.

Here are some of our favourite achievable goals.

Healthy alternatives

No need to give up all things delicious. Rather choose the food you prefer differently. Instead of buying tubs of ice cream, buy a low-fat yogurt and some fruits. You can make delicious smoothies or freeze it for frozen yogurt.

There are many other things you can swap out.

  • Opt for lean meats and fish
  • Eat berries and grapes instead of sweets
  • Sugar free drinks
  • Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate
  • Healthier oils such as olive oil and CANSA approved canola
  • Wholefoods instead of processed
  • Make your favourite take-outs at home, with healthy ingredients

Live in motion

To start a strict exercise regimen is not for everyone. However, you can do simple things to increase your movement.

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Pace in the kitchen while you wait for the kettle to boil / microwave to finish
  • Do light exercise while you watch your favourite shows
  • If your job requires you to mostly sit, get up and walk 100m every hour

Take care of 80% of yourself

You are mostly made of water. Make sure to drink 250ml of water (for every 10kg’s that you weigh) per day. If you weigh 80kg, then you should drink eight glasses. If you are sweating or exerting yourself, you should increase your intake.

If you like sweetened beverages or coffee, drink a glass of water before you enjoy your preferred drink.

The increase in water will flush toxins from your body, hydrate your skin and keep you from consuming empty kilojoules.


You need adequate rest to keep your mind and body healthy. Your body produces hormones and completes other processes for you to function, while you sleep. Try to manage your time so that you don’t stay up late to complete work and other tasks that interferes with your sleep.

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Shop for groceries weekly

It is harder to prepare healthy meals when all of the food in your pantry comes from tins. Weekly shopping can help to ensure that you get fresh produce.

Be good to the earth

Look for items that are eco-friendly and come from sustainable sources. There are many ways to take care of yourself and your home, without leaving a heavy carbon footprint.


Prioritise regular doctors’ visits to ensure your vitals are intact.  Make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned. Catching underlying issues early, can save you a lot of trouble and expenses later.

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At the end of 2021, you may not have followed a very strict diet, or completed a marathon, but possibly adopted a healthy and clean-living lifestyle.

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