Vitamin B and why you need it

Vitamin B is available in many forms of food, but are you getting enough? Chances are, you’re not. Considering how many bodily functions it supports, you may want to look into supplementing this vital part of your diet.

Let’s break it down

In most cases, we will refer to the supplement as “Vitamin B-complex”. This is because there are numerous types of vitamin B. They each have different functions within the body.

Vitamins B1 & B2

  • B1 takes care of your nervous system
  • B2 takes care of your eyesight
  • Both help you digest food and release energy
  • You can find it in milk, eggs, whole grain and dark green leafy greens

Vitamin B3

  • Helps you digest food and release energy
  • Controls your appetite
  • You can find it in chicken, fish, organ meats, red meat, whole grains and peanuts

Vitamin B6

  • Takes care of your auto-immunity
  • Helps you digest food and release energy
  • Supports the brain functions and development of babies
  • You can find it in fish, organ meats, ground beef, chicken breasts, chick peas, spinach, watermelon, potatoes and whole grains

Vitamin B9

  • Also known as folic acid or folate
  • Fosters the growth of red blood cells
  • Reduces the risk of birth defects when consumed by pregnant women
  • You will find it in meats, organ meats, fish, citrus fruits, beets, green leafy veggies and whole grains

Vitamin B12

  • Regulates the nervous system
  • Plays a role in red blood cell formation
  • Can be found in eggs, cheese, milk, fish, shellfish, organ meats and red meat.

You can use a vitamin B complex supplement such as: 

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