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For You

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Baby Club

Our free Mopani Baby Club programme offers support, information, encouragement and pampering to new parents. Customers receive two gift boxes, containing an informative booklet, great advice from our midwives at Homegrown Babies and samples and vouchers to spoil both parent and baby. Mopani Pharmacy also offers an optional savings plan in preparation of a baby’s arrival.

Silver Club

We believe that older customers deserve to be spoilt! Our Silver Club is for Mopani Customers older than 60 years and on certain days offers our senior shoppers free blood pressure tests, a free Lowvelder as well as a car guard voucher and a special price on a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of delicious cake. Silver Club is a free programme!

Chronic Medication

Allow us to help you take the hassle out of repeat prescriptions. Join our Chronic Medication programme to skip the queue and save time by simply collecting your medicine when it is ready! We can even help you with your medical aid claim. You will receive a notification of your repeat prescription and simply collect in-store or ask us to deliver*. Receive your choice of either a choice of phone call, sms, Whatsapp or e-mail.

* Delivery/courier services to any part of South Africa. Terms & conditions apply.

Easyplan Blister Packing

Do you or a loved-one need to take multiple prescriptions or need to follow a complex schedule? We offer a service just for you! Our easy-to-use blister packs is the answer. Divided into 4 packs per month, each blister pack is hygienically divided into days of the week, and time of the day and filled with your unique combination of medication - simply pop-out the medications as indicated.

Community Involvement

As a community pharmacy, Mopani Pharmacy is frequently involved in projects, events and campaigns in and around the Lowveld. Mopani Pharmacy also supports local sportsmen and women.


We deliver to all major areas, cities and towns in South Africa. Delivery for orders over R750 and to Nelspruit and White River areas are free of charge. We also ship to Maputo in Mozambique.