Metalab Moonwalk Premium BCAAs and EAAs Cherry Limeade, 25 Servings

MetalabSKU: 258015

Sale priceR 469.90


Containing a full essential amino acid profile featuring 5g of instantized BCAAs in a clinically studied 2;1;1 ratio as well as all other 6 essential amino acids totalling a full 7.1g of aminos per serving!

Featuring organic raw coconut water powder packed with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes to keep you hydrated and pushing through your workouts! Also featuring a full gram of taurine, citrulline and 2g of glutamine!

Featuring clinically proven and patented ingredient Peak02 by compound solutions. Peak02 ramps up V02 max allowing you to push harder for longer without feeling fatigued or drained! Unleash your full training potential!

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