MOR CBD 600mg, 30ml

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MOR CBD is a safe, non-psychoactive natural remedy to assist with anxiety
and pain management, as well as many other common ailments. Cannabidiol
(known as CBD) has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, as well
as assist in helping you fall asleep and enter a deeper, more restful sleep.
CBD has instantly become one of the most popular treatments around the
world, and studies are finding that it can be helpful in a wide range of
conditions from major to minor. MOR CBD is a combination of CBD oil, MCT
oil, Moringa oil and peppermint oil for maximum efficacy, a high nutritional
value and pleasant taste.
Nutritional Info
High quality, natural MCT oil; CBD (600MG) with Terpenes from Cannabis
Satival.L and a blend of peppermint essential oil.