MuscleTech Shatter SX-7 Revolution Ultimate Pre-Workout, 381g - Various Flavours

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Introducing Shatter SX-7 Revolution, a scientifically advanced formula that features cutting-edge dual-phase, multi-particulate technology for incredible results. This premium formula provides ingredients in a never before- seen combination to deliver unparalleled workouts and help you shatter your personal records! Shatter SX-7 Revolution delivers a powerful dual-dose combination of L-citrulline engineered to increase nitric oxide levels. This promotes vasodilation for enhanced nutrient delivery and intense muscle pumps. What’s more, this formula also delivers a scientifically studied dose of betaine for superior gains in lean muscle, strength and power! To enhance the muscle- and strength-building process, MuscleTech researchers included a powerful research-inspired dose of CarnoSyn beta-alanine. Plus, the precise dose of taurine found in two scoops has been shown in scientific research to boost performance in endurance athletes.