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Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal With Milk Regular 250g

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NESTLÉ CERELAC baby cereal Regular 250g for babies stage 1, is an ideal complementary food to introduce babies to solid food. The sweetness levels of NESTLÉ CERELAC Maize 250g have now been reduced. NESTLÉ CERELAC has been produced using NESTLÉ 's exclusive CHE process, which ensures that your baby can easily digest the cereal.

To prepare the baby cereal, you need to:

  • Wash your hands and pour 150ml of pre-boiled luke-warm water into baby's bowl.
  • Add 5 level tablespoons (50g) of cereal into the bowl
  • Stir until smooth. Feed your baby with a clean spoon. Do not keep unfinished portion

Features and Benefits:

  • NESTLÉ CERELAC Infant cereal Regular 250g for your baby from 6 months..
  • A convenient wheat based infant cereal with skimmed milk.
  • Cereal Hydrolysed Enzymatically (CHE) process means NESTLÉ CERELAC is easy to digest and gentle on little tummies.
  • Helps your baby adapt easily from milk to solid food.