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Nutritech Nuke Raw Assorted, 225g

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NUKE RAW is the pure energy of NUTRITECH pre-workout powders, engineered colourant free and with a radical double shot and a half payload, 250mg, of Caffeine for increased energy and focus. Supporting this payload are Niacin, Beta-Alanine and Beetroot extract for increased blood flow, vascularity, muscle pump and endurance, and Betaine and Ashwagandha Root extract for muscle strength and stamina. The NT NAT PRO standard introduces an extremely clean formula, flavoured using natural extracts, sweetened with Stevia, and free of artificials. NUKE® RAW receives an Event Level 4 “RADICAL” intensity ranking on the Nuclear Table. Designed for optimal dosage at one scoop, do not exceed one single serving. PREpare with confidence for the battle that lies ahead, NUKE up swoldier. Go to war!