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ThreshHold Caps, 120's

R 219.90
SKU 874833027

ThreshHold RealMSM or Methylsulphonylmethane, is organically bonded sulphur, a substance occurring naturally in the body. Sulphur is the third most important mineral found in the body after calcium and phosphor. You need 14g in your body at any given time to be well. A deficiency in sulphur may cause: Toxicity, resulting in inflammation. Pain in either the joints or muscles. Chronic pain. Exhaustion. Anaemia. Ageing. Skin eruptions. Constipation. Brittle hair and nails. Poor immune system. Non-organic sulphur has a bioavailability of only 1% and 2%. MSM is an organically bonded sulphur and has a bioavailability of approximately 100% MSM is a nutritional supplement.