USN Fast Grow Anabol Gh Assorted, 4kg

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Fast Grow Anabol gH is a hardcore lean mass gainer. What makes this product even more special is that it is Halaal certified and suitable for individuals lactose intolerant individuals.

The best way to describe the product would be as follows: A hyperbolic gainer stack for tissue building and muscle mass maintenance. It assists the body in building lean muscle mass and has extreme protein levels.


  • Ultra lean muscle building
  • Muscle mass maintenance
  • Increased muscle recovery, growth and power

How to use:

  • As a nutritional supplement, add 3 scoops (150g) to 600 – 650ml of cold water. Use a blender or handheld shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 1 – 2 servings daily as snacks in-between meals(serving may be halved)
  • Persons under 80kg – Have 2 servings per day for the first 5 days and only 1 serving per day thereafter.
  • Persons over 80kg – Have 2 – 3 servings per days for the first 5 days and only 1 – 2 servings per day thereafter.
  • Note that the beneficial effects of creatine will only be obtained with a daily intake of at least 3g.