Pros and Cons of Virtual Care

Many doctors around the country are opting to make virtual consultations available to patients. This can be helpful or harmful, on a case-to-case basis. Know when to make use of the offer, and when to opt for a personal visit.

When virtual consultations are helpful

If you have something such as a stomach bug or food poisoning, venturing into the public may be difficult. The drive to the doctor’s office, sitting in the waiting room and even speaking can be, uncomfortable at best.

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If you have flu or cold symptoms, you may start to worry about the possibility of COVID-19 as well. Spreading the contagion is also a concern.

Perhaps, you have injured yourself. A twisted ankle or swollen wrist may need a few days of elevation and rest.

Some patients need palliative- or post-surgical care, and are homebound. A virtual check-up can help the family and caregivers to adjust treatment and look out for new symptoms or possible complications.

With so many patients living in remote areas, getting to the doctor in the next town may take a long time or not be feasible.

In each of these cases, a virtual consultation can be helpful. Your doctor will be able to prescribe some medication and a course of treatment, with guidelines of what to look out for. If COVID-19 is a concern, your doctor can recommend a test.

In the event that you visit our Wellness or Homegrown Babies clinics, our Sister or midwife may conclude that you need a script for antibiotics or prescription medication. In this case, patients are given the option to have a virtual consultation with a doctor. The Sister may consult with your doctor and discuss her findings during this consultation.

When a personal visit is needed

In the event that your condition worsens after a virtual consult, it may warrant a personal follow-up. If you have not had a virtual consultation and your condition is severe, you should rather opt for a personal visit from the start.

These cases include severe dehydration, a high fever, injuries that require a cast or possible surgery. Your doctor may also want to do a physical check to make sure that your lungs, heart and blood pressure are all fine.

In the event of an accident or head-injury, a doctor should always physically examine a patient for any possible hidden complications.

If you have paid a visit to our Wellness or Homegrown Babies clinic, and the course of treatment is not within the Sister’s scope, or you need further diagnosis, they will refer you to your doctor.

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