Baby Club

On joining the Mopani Baby Club, members receive a complimentary Welcome Bag filled with useful flyers from our baby product suppliers which include valuable information for Mom during the first part of her pregnancy.  The “My Wonderous Gift Magazine”, an informative wall chart and various baby product samples assist new mom’s to prepare for the start of their pregnancy journey and even get familiar with Mopani Online which could be very helpful once baby arrives. 

As soon as members reach their qualifying spend (tracked on our Mopani Card system) of R1250  (which is monitored monthly) they qualify to receive Bag 2 which they will be informed about via sms/email.  Bag two is filled with practical surprises sourced especially for mom and baby including vouchers and more samples to try out before baby arrives.

Download your baby club application form here and email it through to or pop in to any of our clinics in-store to join.

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