Your Mopani Card allows you to save time at all of our dispensaries. A simple swipe allows instant access to your dispensary profile so that our pharmacists can better serve you.




Mopani Cardholders earn points with their Mopani Card when choosing us.




Cardholders know first about upcoming promotions and events. Our Baby Club & Silver Club offers additional benefits to young families and senior shoppers respectively.




Your Mopani Card can be linked to Mopani Pharmacy accounts for instant access at our tills.



You save more money instantly with Card Price promotions in-store.

Mopani Card Terms & Conditions

  • The Mopani Rewards Card scheme is only for individuals for personal use. No business may become a member.
  • To earn points for a transaction, the card must be presented to the cashier.
  • The card is not transferable.
  • Rewards, in the form of Mopani Reward Vouchers, will be issued when 200 or more points have been accumulated at the end of each three month period. The level of reward will be based on the total number of points that a cardholder has earned by the last day of the three month period.
  • Mopani Reward Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and no change is given.
  • Mopani Reward Vouchers may be redeemed only on presentation of a Mopani Rewards Card. Mopani Reward Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • Mopani Reward Vouchers can be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer, unless otherwise specified.
  • Mopani Reward Vouchers may not be used to purchase Mopani Gift Vouchers.
  • No points will be earned when purchasing a gift voucher.
  • Points may not be earned on the purchase of prescription medicines (as per pharmacy and medicine legislation), airtime, infant formulas, nappies and delivery orders.
  • If you decide to return a product, points earned on that purchase will be deducted from your Mopani Rewards Card.
  • The Mopani Rewards Card is issued by and remains the property of RW Gibbs (Pty) Ltd. who reserves the right to withdraw the card at any time or to terminate or change the terms of the card scheme without notice.


Customer Charter

It is important to us that you are happy with the service that you receive. That is why, when it comes to your privacy, we have created the Mopani Rewards Card Customer Charter to show you exactly what we do with your personal details:

  • Your details are confidential and will never be released to other companies for their marketing purposes.
  • We use your details to send you offers and information on products that might interest you.
  • Of course, you may specify that you do not want us to send any other offers and information. However, this means you could be missing out on some of the major benefits of Mopani Card, in terms of exclusive offers and any reward vouchers you may have earned.

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