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Spoil your significant other on Valentine’s day

Spoil your significant other on Valentine’s day

What would you do without them? It does not always matter if you have been together a few months or a decade. Your loved-one deserves to be spoiled, as they spoil you. With Valentine’s day coming up, you might want to show them some appreciation.

Mopani Pharmacy has a variety of gifts, from inexpensive, sweet tokens of affection to luxury gifts fit for royalty.


Mopani Pharmacy has a range of Studex earrings available, in various colours and styles. Soft pearl, hoops, hearts, crosses, flowers and fireballs, gold plated or sterling silver; something for everyone.

Coffee and Accessories

The warm, rich, comforting aroma of coffee makes everything better. More so when enjoying it with a loved-one. The better the quality, the better they will be able to put up with your nonsense.

We have a variety of high-quality coffee blends, sold as beans or grounded. We also have a range of coffee grinders, pots, eco-friendly travel cups, mugs and flasks.

For tea-lovers, we have gorgeous tea-pots, and a large selection of teas available.


Sweet, sour, salt, smooth, soft or crunchy. So many snacks and treats to choose from.

Mopani Pharmacy has a large variety of chocolates, nuts - and healthy sugar free snacks if need be – to fill the cupboard to the brim, if only to not speak of it again until their next birthday.

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Who doesn’t love a good fragrance? Spoil him, or her, with their favourite. Get “20% OFF” on selected brands, in-store only from 11-14 February.

We can deliver your Mopani online shopping, nationwide. Contact us for info: | | Tel: 0137555500 | WhatsApp: 0661921703

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