Adult bladder health – an urgent matter

Mopani Pharmacy understands the urgency, the frustration and often, the embarrassment of having adult bladder weakness. Also known as, an overactive bladder or incontinence, this is a condition that affects as many as a third of all adults over the age of 65, according to the US National Library of Medicine – Urology.


Some adults with chronic urinary tract infections, women with a weakened pelvic floor and men with an enlarged prostate may suffer from incontinence. Elderly persons with Alzheimer’s or limited mobility may not always realise when it is time to use the facilities.


With the fear of having an accident in public, many who suffer from the condition will avoid leaving their homes. This may lead to self-isolation and depression. Physical activity often worsens the condition, which causes patients to limit activity and exercise. It also may hinder sleep as accidents in bed may occur. Due to constant contact with urine or faecal matter, a rash or sensitive skin may occur.

How to deal with it

  • If possible, tell someone about your condition. You don’t have to share the details, but tell them that you have certain needs. It is nothing to be ashamed of. They will most likely be happy to oblige and help you to the loo, rather than have you explain why you have had an accident, after the fact.
  • Never get angry with a person who suffers from the condition, should they have an accident. Assure them that they have your support, and remind them to use the facilities regularly.
  • Practicing Yoga will assist in strengthening the pelvic floor.
  • Some doctors may recommend a surgery to bring some relief.
  • Always wear loose clothing that can open up and allow you to ‘drop-trou’ at a moment’s notice.
  • Choose an incontinence sanitary product according to your lifestyle and needs, to aid in the situation. There are many available, mostly discreet enough to hide in your underwear, eliminate any odours and mute some of the sound associated with an unexpected slip.

If you or your family member are new to this, know that you are not alone, and that Mopani Pharmacy staff will be here to assist you. We have products available to choose from in-store, or to conveniently purchase online – to be delivered right to your door step!

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