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FREE Breast Light Screening - 12-17 October 2020

FREE Breast Light Screening - 12-17 October 2020

In light of Breast Cancer awareness month, we would like to introduce one of our breast cancer screening options: The Breast Light!

The Breast light device provides you with a unique opportunity to have an inner view of your breasts. The Breast light works by shining a bright red light through the breast tissue. The light passes through the breast tissue and reveals dark areas where blood is present. The device will pick up the normal pattern of your veins but can also detect darker clusters, which could indicate potential abnormalities that require a proper check-up conducted by your  doctor.

A Breast light examination is not a replacement for mammograms but rather a device to assist in the early detection of breast abnormalities.

Self-examination is simple and effective for noticing abnormalities in ones breast however the Breast light screening device will distinguish between normal breast tissue and areas where blood vessels are present that could indicate a possible irregularity - designed to give the maximum light transmission through the breast tissue though a small fraction of the light will pass through completely. 

The light is completely harmless and has no obscure rays. When the light hits a blood vessel in your breast it is engrossed by haemoglobin. This makes the veins in your breasts appear as dark lines.

Malignant lumps have an increased blood supply to feed them so any dense areas may indicate an abnormality. Fluid filled cysts, however, will not absorb the light.

The Breast light screening is for women going through a menopausal or post-menopausal phase when the compactness of the breast tissue has changed with this hormonal variation, women with fibrous breasts that always feel lumpy as well as woman of all ages who care for their breast tissue wellness.

Early detection saves lives!

Booking is essential, please contact your closest Mopani Pharmacy Wellness clinic on the contact numbers below:

  • Steiltes – 013 590 7310
  • Crossing Center – 013 755 5500
  • i’Langa Mall – 013 742 2225
  • White River Square – 013 751 2267
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