Taking care of Diabetes at Mopani Pharmacy

It has been only a month since the diagnosis – yet life has already changed so much since then. You blamed yourself, because the symptoms were all relevant to everything else going on.

Before the diagnosis

Long nights of overtime meant that you had to get that extra B12 and iron injection. The Sister at Mopani Pharmacy’s Wellness Clinic assisted with that, and took note of your fatigue – it was reasonable, the change of seasons had brought on a mild cold, and the supplement was all you needed, along with a flu vaccine once you got better.

The children kept you busy whenever you were not working – and though, you could have sworn you had some water, did you really? That urinary tract infection came up – the pharmacist at Mopani had a recommendation, and checked in with the Sister just to make sure. At least you did not get the flu.

Then the stress eating started, you are not sure if it had to do with the lockdown, the winter nibbles, or perhaps the fact that you had quit smoking – but it felt like you just had to eat all the time. Luckily Mopani stocked Nicorette Patches, and the friendly Sister did advise you to see a doctor if your weight did not stop picking up by the third month. You ignored it a little bit longer – it was probably nothing. But then, it was something.

Symptoms adding up

On the next trip to Mopani Pharmacy – to treat the usual round of symptoms, the Sister requested that you come back the next morning, fasting from 10pm the previous night. Her gut was right – and after a little glucose finger prick test, the screening revealed an elevated sugar level. Your doctor confirmed the diagnoses and together with Mopani Pharmacy has your treatment plan all worked out. You have already lost some weight and your energy levels are back to normal.


This scenario could be avoided by visiting our Wellness clinic to check up on your basic health and wellness on a regular basis. Pre-diabetics and diabetics can be healthy, if monitored regularly.

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