Things you should stop doing when you have the flu

We often do things that we believe will help us recover faster. There are however a few things that can do more harm than good, or just not help at all.

Keeping the windows closed

It is cold; having the windows closed and the heaters or the fireplace going may be your first response, but it can actually be harmful.

Viruses and bacteria flourish in spaces with poor ventilation. If you are going to use use steam inhalation to alleviate your cough, it may result in dampness in the room as well. It is fine to huddle up, but always allow some natural, fresh air in.

Staying warm during a fever

Many believe that when you have a fever, you should add more blankets. There is no evidence of this having a positive effect. Rather stay comfortable and cool off with a cold compress at the back of your neck, or take a lukewarm shower. If your fever goes beyond 38 degrees Celsius, consult a doctor immediately.

Taking in “empty” fluids

Taking fluids is the best medicine, but what you are taking in will make a significant difference. If you are just hydrating with water, you may not get any electrolytes. If you are just using instant soups, you may get electrolytes but no real nutrition. In case you want to add nutrition and still keep it liquid-based, run your cooked chicken or veggies through a blender before adding them to the soup.

If you feel exceptionally parched, have some honey and a pinch of salt added to tea.

Not completing your antibiotic course once you feel better

We know that antibiotics will not treat the flu virus, but your doctor may have prescribed you an antibiotic to treat a secondary infection – such as your bronchitis cough or your mid-ear infection. We tend to stop taking medicine when we feel better, as we don’t want to bare the side effects. However, you should always complete your antibiotic course, as you may only suppress the infection enough to feel better; only to have it return and have resistance to the antibiotics. There’s only a finite amount of antibiotics, and many patients have allergies or contraindications. If a particular bacteria strain builds resistance against all available types of antibiotics, it will be much more difficult to treat infection in the future as new antibiotics would need to be formulated.

Mixing medicines and supplements without consulting your doctor or pharmacist

If you are not well-versed in pharmaceutical ingredients, you may not know that many flu medications are contraindicated to use simultaneously, and will effectively work against each other.

Always check in with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that the combination of medicine you are taking is safe and effective.

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