Trying to quit smoking?

Some things are obvious, other things, not. Here are our top tips on quitting smoking successfully.

  • No one can decide to quit smoking for you. You need to WANT to quit
  • No two journeys are the same, some slack down by smoking less and less over time, others go cold-turkey. Do it the way you feel is right
  • Get a deadline and stick to it. Decide when your last cigarette ever will be, smoke it, throw away the empty packet, and never look back
  • Get rid of reminders, the lighter in the car, the ashtray on the coffee table etc
  • Try the Nicorette 16 Hr Invisipatch, for slow releasing nicotine and a break during the time you are sleeping
  • You may experience cravings. Shop in our health food section for a selection of nuts, seeds and other healthy snacks. Be careful of switching one habit for another by eating too much
  • To kick the habit is not easy and may cause stress and anxiety. Try Natura Rescue drops or tablets to manage your anxiety in this time
  • This is a good time to pick up a healthy habit. All those cartons of cigarettes that you won’t be buying, will be worth a pair of running shoes

 How it benefits you to quit smoking:

  • Your heart rate becomes stable one hour after you quit smoking
  • The oxygen levels in your blood picks up after 12 hours
  • Smoking induced hypertension starts to fade after 1 day
  • Damaged nerves start healing. Your olfactory senses and taste buds seem to come alive after two days
  • Your blood circulation improves over the course of three months
  • At the nine-month range, your lungs become stronger against germs, and starts to heal from all the smoking trauma
  • Chances of coronary heart disease decrease by 50% after one year
  • Five years after you quit smoking, narrowed veins begin to heal, reducing the risk of a stroke. The chance of a stroke will continue to lower with time
  • The chances of lung cancer reduces by half, and continues to get smaller with time after the ten-year mark
  • After 15 years, your heart will be the same as someone that never smoked
  • After 20 years, the risk of any illness related to smoking, goes down to the level, as low as anyone who had never smoked

To remember:

This is not a singular victory, but an every-day triumph. Mopani will support you in this journey, and help you win every day, with each healthy breath.

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