Why you need to switch up your summer hair care routine

Lounging on the beach, next to the pool or on your porch - exposing your skin or your hair to the sun? You can apply a thick creamy coat of sunscreen every couple of hours, but what about your hair?

Yes, unfortunately, your hair can suffer a lot of unintended sun damage, but with a few steps added to your routine, you can save yourself many bad hair-days.


Try to do daily de-tangling with a wide toothed comb, in small sections to minimise stretching and pulling your hair. You can use a brush to smooth out your hair once you are done, but if you want to preserve your curls, no brushing is best.


The less often you wash your hair, the better, as washing your hair too often can strip its natural oils and leave it dried out. This may also stimulate more oil production, causing you to have to wash more often, creating a cycle. Try to plan washing your hair around physical activities and swimming. If you are not using a colour protection shampoo, you might want to opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner:

For dry, brittle hair

For curly hair types

For frizzy hair


Do a weekly deep conditioning treatment to nourish your hair.


If you are planning on having some sun exposure, you can cover your hair with a hat or scarf. Alternatively, you can use a heat-protection spray or thermal lotion. In a pinch, you can run your hands lightly over the top layer, or most exposed bits of hair, after you have applied sun screen.

To protect your hair from salt water or chlorine, you can apply a leave-in conditioner before going into the water, to keep your hair from soaking up the salt or chlorine. This will not only fight the dryness but keep your colour from fading in the water. After your swim, rinse your hair with some apple cider vinegar or clean water immediately.


Embrace loose casual styles, as smoothed, slick pony tails tend to pull on the hair and emphasises the baby fuzz and frizz that is inevitable. Braiding your hair or putting it into a bun before bed will help create natural, loose waves the next day

Use a cotton t-shirt or special towel to dry your hair to minimise frizz. Try to give your hair some rest by not using heat-tools too often. If you are using heat styling tools, make sure to use heat-protection styling products.


Air-drying your hair or blow-drying  it on the coolest setting is also advisable. You can smooth over some of the frizz with a serum or hair oil – but use this sparingly if you have fine or flat hair as it may weigh it down. 

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