7 ways to get Timmy to take his vitamin

Supplements can be bitter, a hard pill to swallow. The benefits of supplements may still be worth it to your child.

Many children are picky eaters. Others may have restrictive dietary needs. Either way, adding a multivitamin or probiotic to your child’s daily intake will help to combat micro-nutrient deficiencies and boost their immune system.

Here are our top tips in making this easy breezy, vitamin C-zee.

Crush it

Small children may have a tough time getting it down to start with. It floats to the roof of the mouth, then it sinks to the tongue, then there is a gag-reflex.

Make it easy by crushing the tablet or emptying the contents of the capsule into some juice. Apple juice is fine for finer powders. If you have chunky bits, a pulpy orange juice will work wonders. You could also hide it in food, such as mash.

Portion it

If you are going to give them something that tastes bad, limit the portion of food or drink it is ‘doctored’ with.

Don’t ruin their favourite juice. Give them a tiny bit to get it down with, and then refill with an untainted, rewarding, fuller portion.

Chaser sweet for children

Some pills start dissolving on the tongue and it’s awful. Up the ante with a spoonful of raw honey. It’s sweet, delicious and packed with vitamins; the perfect treat after a tablet.


Get them into a routine by establishing a rule. Pick a meal of the day where they must take their vitamin. Always stick to it. We all know the “no cauliflower, no cake” rule, the same can apply here.

Opt for the best tasting child vitamin

Experiment with different supplements. They are often available in tasty chews, sweet syrups or convenient sprays. Change it up every now and then or let your little one pick their favourite.

Just remember to look at the recommended age groups on the packaging.


Children often respond to rewards. Doing chores and homework earns stars, and a full week of stars earns pocket money, for example. Taking their vitamins, along with healthy meals, can become part of their rewarded behaviour.

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Good ol’ fashioned coercion

Who is a big boy? Timmy! Who has grown by an entire centimetre since last month? Timmy! Why? Because Timmy eats his broccoli and took his tablet every day.

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