Former Mrs Mpumalanga shares her top maternity intel

Photo: Richard, Bianca, Charmonique and Levi Rennison

Bianca Rennison, Mrs Mpumalanga 2017, welcomed baby Levi this year. This experienced mommy of two, shares her top tips of maternity essentials.

Which items did you use most during your pregnancy?

Gaviscon tablets for heartburn, Panado for those days when a headache just gets to you! I also used PregOMega. This is not only a great pregnancy supplement, but also helped me with morning sickness,” Bianca said.

“I highly recommend a pregnancy pillow; they offered much needed support with my big baby bump! Maxi dresses are amazing. Maternity wear can be really expensive, so these dresses are a big help, and you can wear them afterwards too”, she added.

Name an item that worked surprisingly well?

Belly Binder! It helps your tummy to bounce back and helps to prevent post-pregnancy cramps. I also found that my boy is not fond of a dry dummy – so I dab a bit of glycerine onto it, it really helps to calm him down.”

Baby grows; practical or joke?

“Practical! It keeps Levi all warm and toasty and it keeps his clothes from slipping upwards every time I pick him up.”

What is your favourite colic medicine?

Telament Paediatric Colic Drops!” 

What should every mommy do for herself to battle exhaustion?

“A short get-away just before the baby comes, and a mani-pedi will do wonders. A post-natal massage is also fantastic.”

Are you currently using any supplements?

“I am currently taking Zinc, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B to give me a much-needed energy boost. I recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or just had a baby.”

What do you wear for a quick trip to town?

“I still get hot flashes after my pregnancy, hence I opt for the most comfortable outfit I can find. A maxi dress, flip flops and my hair in a bun is my go-to outfit, with an extra shirt for any ‘spills’. This is great for quick trips and easy enough to manage Levi’s feedings.”

What do you always pack in the nappy bag, apart from nappies, bum cream and wipes?

  • Diaper bags
  • An extra bib
  • Extra set of baby clothes in case of accidents
  • An extra bottle and dummy
  • Everything that I would normally put into a handbag; wallet, charger, lip gloss and perfume – because, efficiency!

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