Complicated chronic medication plan? No problem

Keeping up with a chronic treatment plan can be a difficult task when you have multiple prescriptions and multiple medications to take each day. However, Mopani Pharmacy has a solution that can help you manage your medication schedule: Easyplan Blister packs.

A blister pack is a convenient, 7-day pack with individual blisters for different times of the day, to include your medication. We can also include supplements. There are limitations, we can’t pack effervescent, magnesium tablets or chewable tablets.

You can have all your medication sorted, according to times of the day; before or after meals, or bed-times. If you add multivitamins or supplements, they will be packed in the slot where they will be most effective, in accordance with your existing medication. If you have something new added, it will be checked for contra-indications.

Courien Ackerman, one of our blister pack experts, explained how it works: “Each item that a blister pack customer is using, is added onto the software to create the treatment plan, the items are packed, according to the treatment plan, manually into the blister packing material and then sealed by cold pressure seal.”

Your prescriptions / supplements will be put together in four packs each month, ready to be collected or delivered before the previous pack runs out.

How to sign up / ask for blister pack registration forms

  • You can ask for the forms when you visit the dispensary
  • Ask for the forms by sending an e-mail to or Whatsapp on 0636632828
  • Additional information required: Copy of ID and valid prescriptions, Recent photo of patient (jpeg), Copy of medical aid card, Completed Treatment form with all medication listed on it
  • There will be a fee for the packaging materials used and the manual labour of packing, please ask for the current fee when you sign up. This can be paid via eft or in-store
  • Your Mopani Account helps us keep track of your prescriptions and payments

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