Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuck on what to buy Dad for Father’s Day this year?

Mopani Pharmacy has some great items that will help make this Father’s Day special.

Gourmet Coffee

Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of java to get the day started? Mopani pharmacy has a variety of gourmet coffees for sale, ground and whole beans. Blends that will thrill your senses. In a variety of flavours. For all coffee enthusiast fathers, a good wholesome coffee might just add the right touch to a chilly day.

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Coffee Accessories

We have touched on coffee, but does dad have a grinder to make the most of his home brew? Does he have a proper flask? Perhaps he is conscious of the environment, we have an Eco Cup for when he’s on the move. Products are available in all shapes and colours, guaranteed to have something that will appeal to every dad!

View our gourmet coffee and accessories here

Aftershave and fragrances

Nostalgia. Having your mind flooded with childhood memories and remembering every hug your dad ever gave you. All of that, associated with a single scent. Spoil dad with his favourite aftershave or fragrance.

Jack Black

“Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just superior skincare.” – words that Jack Black skincare lives by. The brand has been around for nearly two decades, and prides itself on being 100% Cruelty Free!

Everything from shaving balms and aftershaves, oils and lotions. Face and hair care!

View the range here.

Sports Nutrition

Dad might love a good work out session. Since it is cold outr, we need to motivate him to keep going, as chilly mornings make it harder to get up and go. (every paragraph starts with winter so that is why I changed the above)

We have a comprehensive Sports Nutrition section, with supplements, shakes and electrolytes – to boost his every workout.

Weightlifter? Endurance strainer? Trying to lose weight? There is something for everyone!

View the range here

Favourite snacks

 It’s winter time, who doesn’t like snacking?

Indulge in our selection of delectable confectionary.

Under Armour

Under armour sports gear is designed to aerate well, to keep you from sweating, yet provide a comfortable, snug, fit. This helps make any activity as stress free as possible. If your dad loves being active, this might be a range that is perfect for him. We also have an online only sale of 35% OFF all Under Armour items, valid until 21 June. I’d move this to the top of the article agreed

View the collection here

Spoof Gift

Perhaps you were looking for something fun and humorous, entertaining an inside joke.

“For after Father’s Day lunch” – Antacids

“For the day after, watching the grandchildren” – Muscle injury aids

“Mopani Sour Candy Challenge” – Have a sour candy and upload your reaction to Facebook and tag us with #MopaniPharmacy and #SourCandyChallenge2021, then challenge three friends to do the same. Get your sour candies here.

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