Here’s what warmed our Mopani employee hearts this festive season

We’ve asked some of our staff, about their favourite holiday gifts, and why it meant so much to them.

The gift of music

“I received two special gifts from my parents, and both of them relate to music -  an iPod, and a guitar. I still have my guitar to this day. Both gifts have brought me years of joy. I absolutely love music!” - Jason

A favourite sweet treat

“I adore sweet treats. My mother knows this. I don’t always get spoiled, but when I do, it is with a large vanilla cake. I appreciate it more, knowing that it is given with so much love.” – Mosibudi

The gift of an adventure

“I was my father’s blue-eyed boy, and he gifted me an expensive. A lightweight bicycle with electric disk brakes. It was black, gold and silver. I was 16, all adventures took place on this bike. I completed the 94.7 challenge, visited friends and rode all over my neighbourhood.” – Chris

The gift from a colleague

“Brenda from Receiving gave me a camp chair. I’ve thanked her before, but I cannot thank her enough! It is such a cool gift! I can take it with me anywhere I go, and always have a comfortable place to sit. Thank you so much, Brenda!”- Sifiso

It’s the thought that counts

“When my kids were young, still in primary school, they would bring us breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. The eggs were burnt,and the flowers were from the garden. The letter was handwritten, and it had some spelling mistakes. None of this mattered, as it was the thought that counted. I miss it so much now that they are all grown up.” – Elna

The gift of communication

“My husband was always worried if he came home and I was not there. He wants to know when I am working, or when I am out shopping or with friends or family. He got me a cell phone so that we are always able to communicate, and for him to know that I am safe.”- Lefa

The gift of family

“Since I was a little girl there has always been something almost magical about Christmas. I understand why they call it the festive season. People are happier, there’s a sense of excitement and wonder in the air.

I’m 35 and still battle to sleep the night before Christmas. When I was younger it was obviously because of the presents, goodies and the big feast. Now, I have kids of my own, and I am excited to see the looks on their little faces.

I watch my husband tease them as he hands out the gifts, and my daughter help her brother rip off the wrapping paper. I listen to the cheerful sound of them laughing. I wait for that cuddle from behind from my husband. I couldn’t be more blessed, nor imagine anything better in the true spirit of Christmas; yet there is more!

I get to wish my brothers, sister and nieces a merry Christmas. I get to wish my parents – I am still blessed to have them both. I love my family so much. My family is the best gift I ever got on Christmas; and they are the best gift, I get to have, every year.” – Tammy

 A gift from me, to me

“I was looking for something special for myself, and a fan. I found one in my favourite colour. It is pink, unique and cheerful. Just like me!” – Ntsiki

Mopani spoiled us all

“We were spoiled with a giftbag from Mopani this year, at our year-end function. There were so many goodies and treats in there. I felt really special – I did not expect it at all.” – Trueboy

A Christmas miracle

“Well, I was supposed to go to a lunch. I was pregnant, and had some aches and pains on Christmas morning of 1992. I was somewhat annoyed that I had to go to the hospital. I missed lunch, and had an emergency C-section instead! The gift of life is just so special! My son, JP, will turn 28 this Christmas.” - Elize

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