Keeping fit as a full-time parent with a career

 “I don’t have time to keep fit”, said… almost everyone. Local business owner and mother of a very witty and sweet little boy, Alison Blair proved us all wrong. Perhaps she is superhuman, maybe she just has awesome supplements and the iron will of a thousand mothers.

Why is exercising and keeping fit important to you?

“I keep fit to stay healthy, and to keep my weight in check. I don’t have qualms about getting older, but ‘age weight gain’ can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Keeping up with a fitness regimen ensures that I burn off the occasional treat”, she shared.

“I also like to work out as it keeps me grounded, calm and my mind in great shape.”

When do you make time for it?

Alison explained that all of her training is done early in the mornings, before work. “I have lost the ability to sleep in so am awake anyway. Most days I don’t even need an alarm clock”, she said.

On weekends, Alison likes to do double sessions on either a Saturday or a Sunday, training in the morning as well as the afternoons, when time permits it, resting on Mondays.

What is your workout routine like?

She likes doing slow warm-ups on the Wattbike or treadmill when she visits the gym, “When I’m cycling or running on the road, I will ease into the first few kilometres.”

Since triathlons are one of her favourite endeavours, she loves to keep fit by running, cycling and swimming, with added core and strength conditioning.

“I didn’t do nearly that much training during the COVID-19 lockdown period, but I started again as soon as I was able to.”

To prevent aches and stiffness, stretching and consuming protein after a workout is a must, “I will have a protein smoothie within 45 minutes of finishing my workout.”

Hot or cold?

We’ve seen the Springboks in tubs of ice, however, Alison prefers heat treatment, “I prefer to soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts, I make my own and add in some essential oils for aching muscles such as Palma Rosa and Ylang Ylang with a little bit of melted coconut oil as a carrier oil.

What keeps you going?

“I have just started taking The Harvest Table Pure Collagen X, in my daily spinach smoothie with seasonal fruit”, she said. Collagen is vital for every part of the body, especially healthy skin and joints, “I also take Flexofend every day”.

When doing longer endurance training, she alternates between PowerBar 5 Zero Calorie and High 5 Energy Drink with Protein added to her water bottle.  “As an energy fix, the only gel I can tolerate is the Sponser Liquid Energy Ultra Coconut Macadamia, as it’s not too sweet.”

Alison maintains a healthy, balanced vegan lifestyle with her son, “I made him a spinach smoothie and he did not even notice. Pro tip: put it in a colourful container so that kids don’t see the colour of their smoothie! I haven’t banned him from eating meat, he has it at school, at his friend’s or grandmother’s house. But, at home, I’ve substituted everything with alternatives and he is not missing a thing.”


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