Introducing Brand Ambassador Sibu Mogale

Sibusiso Mogale, also known as Sibu, became one of Mopani Pharmacy’s brand ambassadors a while ago, an introduction is long overdue! This well-known and beloved local made headlines repeatedly, and it is that he is one of ours!

Born without hands, Sibu is an inspiration to many. He never allowed his disability to hold him back. Sibu has been motivated to do anything and everything from a young age.

Growing up

Sibu Mogale was born with a special ability to see beyond his own physical limitations and those set out by society on what he can and cannot do. Throughout his childhood, he refused to see himself as a disabled person but merely a child born without arms, with an enhanced sense of achievement.

Like any normal inquisitive boy, he climbed trees, played soccer and even tried ballroom dancing. In 1998 he enrolled at the Hope School for the disabled in Johannesburg. There he discovered that being disabled did not mean he cannot achieve far and beyond what any other abled bodied person could. He challenged himself while sitting at the deep-end of the school’s swimming pool to just dive in and swim across.

The Sportsman

After that very first splash, Sibu already showed an athletic inclination and became the Deputy Head boy of Sports, as well as Sportsman of the year, three years in a row!

Sibu swam the Midmar Mile in under 40 minutes, and represented South Africa for swimming in England, Brazil, Australia, Thailand and Netherlands. Sibu has received many awards; Top Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards, Junior Chamber International (JCI) and South Africa 2019 Honoree.

In 2008, Sibu qualified for the Paralympics in Beijing.

“I’m proud to say my disability turned into a blessing. I’m not saying I have accomplished everything I dreamt of. I believe I still have a long way to go.”

The Media and Film Industry

Passionate about his story and overcoming personal challenges, Sibu is no stranger to the media. Not only has he been featured extensively in newspapers, he also lends his voice to radio stations, doing shows and voice-overs. 

If that is not enough, he starred as a lead actor and directed in two different films; Xola and Imfihlo. Xola was bought by the Mzansi Magic Channel.

“I am directing now, busy building on my knowledge of film and television as a director and producer”, said Sibu.

“I have done motivational talks at schools, churches, social events, corporate environments, non-profit organisations and in media. I have worked and gained experience in the media space”, he explained.

Community work – Planting A Seed Foundation

“I have started an NPO. The purpose of the NPO is to encourage fitness, health and wellness in our poor communities. Planting A Seed provides a platform to engage with schools, persons with disabilities, governmental and non-governmental agencies”, Sibu explained.

“The goal of Planting A Seed is to foster a commitment to South Africans that will promote a positive and productive attitude with pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope for the future”, he said.

“Only through personal relationships and change in perception can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established that will give youth the commitment to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is through a positive attitude that young South Africans will be able to use their short-comings as a stepping stone to change, not only their future but the future of their families and communities”.

The Family Man

I am a brother.  I am a husband to a beautiful wife, and a father of the cutest baby girl in the world!”

Sibu met his wife, Nomonde when they were children. “We grew up in the same neighbourhood and I left because of schooling. I saw her again years later. By that time, we were much older. She was standing at the gate of her home and I didn't recognise her. I was walking with a friend of mine and I asked, who's that? He responded, don't you recognise her?  After he told me who she was, I said to him, if I get a chance to date her, I promise God that I will marry her. The rest is history”, Sibusiso said.

The couple dated for a year, and then got married four years ago. “He was everything I ever wanted in a partner, despite his disability of not having hands. I saw a beautiful man and soul, it is the way he spoke and still speaks with such openness and confidence. He won me over because, what I saw, is who he is”, said Nomonde.


Mopani Ambassador

“Sibusiso was first introduced to me as swimmer who had attained the highest level of accolade; he is a Paralympic gold medallist! I was immediately impressed by his open, friendly face and his unbelievably positive attitude. I was told of his training, his discipline and his determination to do well. I couldn’t believe what he was capable of with the limitations he was facing. He is an inspiration to us all!” said Mopani Pharmacy CEO, Rob Gibbs.

“At the time, he was training for a Paralympic event, so we helped him with sports nutrition. It was not much, yet he was so appreciative. That is how our relationship with him started. I trust he has a bright future ahead. Mopani will continue to explore ways to support Sibu, going forward. We are proud to have him as our ambassador”, Rob concluded.

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