Introducing: Our Responsible Pharmacist, Estelle Du Buisson!

This vibrant young pharmacist, originally from the small town of Graaff-Reinet, moved to Nelspruit late in 2018. “My fiancé is an engineer in Nelspruit. He’d been working for the same company for quite a while, so it made sense for me to make the move rather than having him pack up his life and join me in Graaff-Reinet”, Estelle explained.

Estelle joined the team at Mopani Pharmacy in White River in April of 2019,

“Everyone in Nelspruit just beamed about Mopani the whole time, so I decided to visit one. Our pharmacies in Graaff-Reinet are all really small. Mopani is the biggest pharmacy I’d ever seen! And then, the pharmacists told me about Spencer, the dispensing robot, and I was like, what? A dispensing robot? I really want to work here!”

Soon after joining the White River store, Estelle was able to transfer to the I’langa Mall store by October of 2019, and finally got to work with Spencer!

The Potchefstroom Alumnus said that there’s more than one favourite thing about her job, “I was accepted by the university to study to become a pharmacist, and I thought I would eventually go on to become a doctor. Yet, I enjoyed my field so much that I decided to pursue it as a career. I love working with people and experiencing the gratitude when I’ve helped them. When I get a crazy prescription, I love figuring out the thought process and new ways that doctors are treating patients with innovative measures. Patients also ask many questions and some of the questions can be a challenge – so I get to consult other pharmacists or doctors and I learn even more”.

When asked about her ability to read all the handwriting of doctors, she immediately laughed, responding that, that is why we have a thing called teamwork! “Each one of us can read a different doctor’s handwriting better. So, we help each other out!”

Estelle is excited about her promotion to Responsible Pharmacist at our I’langa Mall store, and hopes to keep her team and her customers happy. “This is my first big step upwards, and I have lots to learn, but I am confident that I can help my team. I am so thankful for the opportunity”, she concluded.

Come and meet Estelle at our I’langa Mall store on your next shopping trip! You can send your script in via e-mail to or contact 013-742-2225 for any enquiries.

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