Mopani Pharmacy setting the new Bar on IV treatment

Mopani Pharmacy offers a brand-new treatment to give you that extra boost. Our homeopathic and vitamin infused intravenous (IV) bag-treatments can aid in building your immune system, treating fatigue and burnout, give your skin a healthy glow-up, and more.

Our IV therapy is a safe method of administering vitamins and homeopathic remedies directly into the bloodstream, ensuring full absorption. IV treatments bypass the digestive system and a higher dose can be tolerated. Oral treatments need to be digested first, leading to a lowered absorption rate.

A vitamin B injection is done straight into the muscle, with a lower absorption rate, and it is often painful. An IV bag treatment offers a higher dose, full absorption and only a small prick of discomfort for a few seconds while the needle is inserted.

Your IV treatment will always be done by a registered nurse / sister at our Crossing Centre store Wellness Clinic. The treatment may last between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the volume of fluid and the size of your veins. If you have larger veins, your drip will finish quicker.

Because homeopathic medicines and vitamins are considered as “food” by the body, you can mix and match them, combine, take one now and another next week, any way you prefer. They will not contraindicate each other.

You should not have any side effects other than if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients, or a slight headache when you partake in a detox. Always drink lots of water to help flush out any toxins in the body.

Our different IV treatments each contain a combination of the following ingredients:

  • Echinacea – stimulates the body’s intrinsic defence in case of infections
  • Engystol – supports the immune system in fighting off viral infections
  • Gripp heel – provides symptomatic relief of colds and flu
  • Coenzyme – stimulates blocked enzymatic systems
  • Lymphomyosot – restores the lymphatic flow for faster recovery
  • Neurobion – combination of B vitamins that also improve nerve function
  • Tonico – to treat physical and psychic exhaustion
  • Cerebrum – stimulates the body’s own defence mechanisms
  • Traumeel – natural therapy for musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation
  • Spascupreel – relief of muscular spasms, including after injuries
  • Cutis – stimulates the defence system in skin conditions
  • Testis – natural testosterone booster, assists recovery after sport / exercise

The combinations we have available are as follows:

  • Flu bomb – echinacea, engystol, gripp heel
  • Burn out – coenzyme, lymphomyosot, neurobion, tonico
  • Migraine bomb – cerebrum, traumeel, spascupreel
  • Skin glow – cutis, engystol, lymphomyosot
  • Sport recovery blast – traumeel, testis, tonico

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