Movember - Show your 'stache
Movember – ‘tis the phrase on everybody’s upper lips. Women adorn sharpie moustaches, fathers and sons, “outgrowing” each other. Big ones, small ones, groomed and raggedy. Twisted or wild, the moustache of a thousand Hulk Hogans will reveal itself once more.

Alas, let’s not forget the most important reason for even partaking; the month of Movember brings awareness to men’s health issues, including testicular and prostate cancer.


“Men are less inclined to share their story, or their feelings. Even on our dedicated WhatsApp groups for cancer fighters and survivors, where we’ve created a safe space; the men are less active than the women”, said Moving Mountains founder Izelle Pretorius.

Whether or not this has to do with the fact that men don’t like feeling vulnerable, or them just not wanting to open up, it is not only the men who suffer from cancer who are tight-lipped about it. In general, men’s health issues are often an afterthought that deserves some attention.

Keeping in mind

There is more to it than just testicular cancer; there are occupational hazards men expose themselves to when they work in mines or construction, breathing in dangerous and toxic materials.

Mental health issues are also a factor. Men are pressured to provide for their families, to achieve success and to maintain a work-life balance. As seeking help for mental health in general is still severely stigmatised, it is a difficult topic to bring up.

Our competition

We would like to shed some selfie-flash-lights on the topic – with a bit of friendly competition: show off your ‘stache, and stand a chance to win a men’s hamper to the value of R1000!

To enter, follow this link

To read more about Movember and how you can support the cause, check out


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