Toning Made Simple

Toning Made Simple

So, you’ve lost the weight you wanted to and you’ve hit your personal fat-loss goal. Now, what? Discover how including supplements into your fitness journey can unlock your body’s potential to build lean muscle.


Toning occurs with a combination of three key factors: Recovery, Exercise, and  Nutrition. These play a crucial role towards reaching your health and physique goals. 


Recovery is an important factor as it is during this period that your body begins the process of repairing itself and adapting to the stress you have placed on it during exercise. 

NPL Platinum Whey 

Protein promotes lean muscle development and recovery. NPL’s Platinum Whey contains 23g of high quality Protein, BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and essential vitamins and minerals. It supports muscle recovery and contains DigeZyme (Digestive Enzymes) to aid digestion and enhance absorption. 


NPL’s Hustle BCAA Energy Drink can be used as a pre-workout or a convenient and refreshing energy drink to pick you up on those busy days. The added BCAAs help promote recovery and overall muscle maintenance. NPL’s Hustle Energy Drink is also sugar-free and low in calories, helping you stay on track with your weight-loss and toning goals.



Keeping your body active by following a structured fitness routine, including a combination of cardio and strength training will assist with building muscle and reducing body fat.


NPL Amino Burn 

Amino Burn is a great tasting pre-workout that can help you get through even the toughest of workouts. The thermogenic and nootropic ingredient blend will deliver a burst of energy and keep you focused throughout. Amino Burn will also aid in recovery due to the added branched chain amino acids and is packed with lipotropic ingredients to help you keep lean.


Nutrition is fundamental when it comes to reaching your toning goals. It involves the consumption of macronutrients (Proteins, Carbs and Fats), focusing on a quality dietary plan (eating whole and unprocessed foods) and ensuring that you are in a calorie deficit, if weightloss is the goal. 

NPL Shape and Tone

A stimulant-free, 24 hour weight management system designed to improve your mental focus and alertness, whilst reducing stress and fatigue. The added L-Carnitine and lipotropic ingredient blend supports weight loss efforts and may assist performance, endurance and recovery. 

NPL Water Cuts 

Water Cuts is a natural diuretic which can help to expel excess water. It contains a blend of natural herbal extracts that may reduce bloating and aid water loss, resulting in enhanced muscle definition. The added electrolytes in NPL’s Water Cuts will help to regulate water balance and correct muscle function.

NPL CLA Ultra 1000

CLA Ultra 1000 may assist with reducing body mass and improve body composition. It is stimulant-free and has 2000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid per serving which may help to reduce body fat deposits. 

Building muscle requires determination and consistency. Combine the recommended products with a diet and workout routine that will help you reach your goals. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional should you have any queries or concerns regarding your health and which products to consume. Start today and thank yourself later! 

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