AOSept Plus Contact Lens Solution, 360ml

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AOSept Plus Contact Lens Solution 360ml is specially formulated to work with all types of contact lenses. Its powerful solution is formulated with hydrogen peroxide and pluronic surfactant that hygienically cleans, disinfects, neutralises and stores your lenses.

Pack Size: 360ml

How to Use: Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel. Open the basket marked "L", place your left lens on the dome. Close basket taking care to avoid trapping your lens. Repeat procedure with your right lens. Thoroughly rinse the lenses in the baskets with the Aosept plus solution for 5 seconds. Fill the cup with Aosept plus solution to the fill-line. Do not overfill or underfill. Place lens holder in the cup and screw closed. Shaking is not necessary. Store case upright. Allow lens to soak for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight. Remove your lenses from lens holder. Your lenses are now ready to wear. As an optional step, you could rinse each lens thoroughly with a sterile saline solution prior to lens insertion onto the eye. Discard used solution. If the lenses remain in the Aosept plus solution for more than 14 days before wearing, the above procedure should be repeated. It is important to keep your Aosept plus lens holder and cup clean and free from contamination. Rinse the Aosept plus cup and lens holder daily after use with sterile saline. Do not use tap water. Allow them to air dry by inverting the lens holder outside the cup. Always use the Aosept plus system components including the lens case. Do not substitute with components from any other lens care system.

Storage instructions: Close bottle after use and store away from direct sunlight. Store below 25 degrees C. keep well closed. Do not use after expiry date.

Never attempt to manually clean or rinse your contact lenses with Aosept plus solution. Never attempt to clean your contact lenses with a separate cleaner as any residual cleaner will result in foaming causing the solution to overflow from the case. Do not allow unneutralised Aosept^ plus solution to come into direct contact with eye. Once bottle is opened, discard any remaining solution after 3 months. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your eye care professional before changing solutions. Check bottle seal is intact before first use. If already broken, do not use. Sterile until bottle seal is broken.

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