Enterogermina Infants 2 Billion / 5ml Oral Suspension Vials, 20's

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What is Enterogermina?
Enterogermina® is a probiotic which is useful for the management of imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora due to diverse causes.

Why is Enterogermina used?

Enterogermina® is used to effectively manage diarrhoea and for treating the alterations of the intestinal bacterial flora. Enterogermina® restores the equilibrium of the intestinal flora changed during diarrhoea or in the course of therapies with antibiotics or chemotherapy, contributing to correct the consequent dysvitaminosis (that is the imbalance of production and assimilation of the vitamins).

How to take Enterogermina® oral suspension?

Enterogermina® comes in small vials/ bottles. Simply shake the vial, twist the cap and drink Enterogermina® liquid.
Dosage of Enterogermina® oral suspension
For infants, 1-2 mini bottles per day to be given at regular intervals.
For children, 1-2 mini bottles or 1-2 capsules a day to be administered at regular intervals.
For adults, 2-3 mini bottles or 2-3 capsules a day. Exclusive oral use. Follow the above instructions as directed by your physician.
Each pack of Enterogermina® contains 20 mini bottles.

Can Enterogermina® be taken during pregnancy and lactation?

Enterogermina® can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding.

When should Enterogermina® must not be used?

A person who has hypersensitivity towards the components of the medicine or other closely related substances should not use Enterogermina®.

What to do if you have taken an excessive dose of Enterogermina®?

Excessive doses of Enterogermina® do not produce side effects. However, it is better to follow the recommended doses.

What to do if you have forgotten to take one or more doses of Enterogermina®?

While there are no particular problems associated with missing a dose of Enterogermina®, it is advisable to complete the daily dose for best results.

What are the side effects of Enterogermina®?

Hypersensitivity reactions (towards the components of the drug or other closely related substances)
Urticaria (an intense rash caused by an allergic reaction)

What are the storage requirements of Enterogermina®?

Store in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children

Can I use Enterogermina® for diarrhoea?

Enterogermina® is extremely effective in diarrhoea management as it addresses the root cause of the symptom and facilitates faster return of good bacteria for a healthy gut flora.

Is Enterogermina® a probiotic?

Yes, it is a probiotic and its basic function is to stimulate the development of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Is Enterogermina® safe for babies/infants?

Enterogermina® is completely safe for babies and is a pediatrician’s preferred recommendation for maintaining healthy tummies in babies.

Can Enterogermina® be given to adults?

Absolutely. However, the dosage of Enterogermina® for adults is higher than the recommended dosage for children. Read dosage recommendation before consumption.

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