10 Things to get you in the summer mood

This year was unconventional to say the least. Many of us feel like it started with January, February, lockdown, Black Friday, Festive Season. The weather is up in arms as well; scorching heat one week, and freezing the next. Here are our tips on getting into the summer mood.

A new outfit

A single outfit, albeit a summer dress with sandals or an Under Armour workout ensemble, can make all the difference. Look good, feel good and experience the summer breeze as you move with  new confidence.

Summer fragrances

Invest in a new fragrance – floral and fruity fragrances for women, and oceanic colognes for men, are popular for this time of the year.

You can spruce up your home with citrus, lemongrass, lavender and peppermint essential oils.


Apply some sunscreen – so you can spend more time out and about without the fear of burning. Remember to reapply every two hours, before and after swimming. Our favourites include Everysun and Techniblock.

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Take a hike

There are many spots with hiking trails, picnic spots and even hidden gem restaurants, all over the Lowveld. Take in the fresh air, get some exercise and take your dogs along. They too will appreciate the adventure.

Many of us don’t take the time to really explore our environment – be a tourist in your town.

Play like a child

Fly a kite, throw a frisbee, build a sand castle, play some outdoor games. Nothing says Summer Time like the excited giggles of family fun. Remember when you were five and all you needed to entertain yourself was a stick? Use your imagination.

It is simple and effective, in getting your mind off everyday life.

Breathe new life into your garden

Maintaining your garden and adding a few new plants can give you a sense of accomplishment and a beautiful space to enjoy with your family. Remember to choose indigenous plants that won’t need lots of water.

Outdoor Cinema

Rent a projector and play movies on a wall or sheet, outside. Put out a blanket, pillows and snacks. Enjoy a family outdoor movie night under the summer sky. Once the movie is done, you can stargaze and make a few wishes.

For added adventure, pitch a tent and have an outdoor sleepover.

Capture the memories

Take lots of photos and videos or look through photos and videos of previous years. Chances are, you will revisit a fun, special memory and be inspired to experience it again.

Cook all your meals on a braai for a day

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – cook outside. Stuffy kitchens can separate a family. Half are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, and the rest are all relaxing outside in the shade, feeling the cool breeze and light spray of a lost sprinkler. Take it outside and cook on the braai. Divide the meals between everyone, so that you get to participate in cooking as well as relaxing.

Family and friends

The most important part of each of the activities are your family and friends. We don’t always make time for each other, but if you think about the best memories you have, most of them will be with your loved ones. Use any moment you can to include them in your summer time activities.

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