Benefits of online shopping

Online shopping is easier than ever, yet remains a daunting prospect to some. Will your credit card details be safe? Will your package arrive in time? Will you receive the correct items?

There are many upsides to online shopping:

It is convenient

You want to get into fitness, but you need some equipment to exercise from home. You know yourself. Tomorrow will come and go, and you would either forget to visit the shops or run out of time.

You realise all of this, during an episode of your favourite TV show. The protagonist is jogging with an inspirational music track, playing via his wireless earphones. You would like some of those too. In fact, you dream of doing your workouts in the evenings, while watching your favourite shows.

During the advertisement break, you browse some reputable stores. For starters, Mopani stocks Under Armour sportswear, a variety of sports nutrition and some accessories.

Next, you look up some sports equipment from local online shops, and you find a jump-rope, a yoga mat, and weights

You have done all that shopping and you did not have to go anywhere. Your shopping will arrive in 5 to 7 days.

Variety and savings

You saved yourself the hassle of having to make time to go to the shops, browse and select your items, but you have also saved money. Shopping with us online, means you could browse all our special offerings and discounted prices. The variety of an online shop means browsing many products at the click of a button, instead of having to go through aisles of products, comparing them all. Your order is more than R400, Your delivery is free, nationwide.

Gift giving

Sending a gift via courier can be expensive and tricky. You will need to buy additional boxes and packaging to protect the items. The Mopani Online team carefully packs your items, and will even include bubble wrap packaging if needed. You just tell us where, and we can send it anywhere in the country.

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You won’t forget anything

Ever gone to the shops only to buy a cart full of items, excluding the item you intended to purchase in the first place?

It is easy to forget an item, with the over-stimulus of other shoppers, sights, sounds and smells. Sitting at your computer or using your smart phone, will allow you to calmy work through your list. You don’t have to clutch a handbag, hold on to a trolley and fish for a shopping list in your pocket.

Oh, we forgot about the wireless earphones in the shopping spree earlier? No problem. You can shop for that in the next advertisement break. No need to get into the car and drive back to the store.

The best for last

No queues! Enough said.


Please remember to always shop at reputable online stores. A good indicator of their service will be customer reviews. If you are at any point uncertain, contact them and ask all the questions you need to feel safe shopping.

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