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We connect with people through eye contact. We experience the world through sight. Our careers often depend on our vision. We memorise the freckles and lines of our loved ones. Your eyes are crucial. Are you looking after them? With age, our eyes will weaken.

Many of us will wear glasses. Of course, there are genetic components we cannot control. How many of us have diminished our 20/20 vision by neglect? Protect your eyes as much as you can, because once you have reached a certain age, you will be so thankful that you did!

Mopani Pharmacy does not only have a large range of eye-care products and supplements available; we also have advice on how you can, “look after your eyes”.


It starts during childhood – with exorbitant amounts of sugar and refusing to eat your vegetables. Your eyes need proper nutrition to stay healthy, such as vitamins A, C and E; omega 3, lutein and zinc. These nutrients are essential in warding off most age-related vision issues. Keeping your sugar levels in check will conclusively help lower your chances of diabetes. Unfortunately, type 2 diabetics often suffer blindness.

Ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your eyes require. You can sneak your healthy choices in everywhere; a fruit with breakfast, a broccoli salad for lunch and all the rest during dinner! Omega 3 is usually found in most fish. Alternatively, try a supplement – there are vegan friendly ones available at Mopani as well.

Protective eyewear

Protecting your eyes when you have a dangerous job or activity is a given, but what about day to day sun exposure? No need to apologise to the fashion-police, this is serious business. Yes, the wrong pair of sunglasses could look absolutely ridiculous, or it could make all the difference.

Getting a pair of sunnies is not as simple as one would think. Most cheap sunglasses are simply tinted and offer no protection. In fact, it just makes the world appear a bit darker. This will cause your pupils to dilate. This means that you are letting in more UV rays that will damage your eyes.

Luckily, there are many styles, shapes, sizes and colours available. More often than not, your sunnies can be made to order, customised and have prescription lenses with UV protection.

If you are shopping retail rather than medical, make sure to still pick a pair that offers UV protection, regardless. Polarised lenses are beneficial for sensitive eyes that need extra protection – as it blocks the blinding glare associated with light hitting glass or water.

If possible, wear a hat, or opt for larger or wraparound sunglasses to avoid UV rays sneaking in from the side.

We also have a wide variety of high-quality sunglasses available. View our collection in-store.

Screen your screen time

Many of us are looking at computer screens all day. Then there are cell phones, tablets, television and e-books. It is not so much the screen itself; it is the time you spend, focusing on one spot. Remember to look up and around every now and then, to give your eyes a break.

We give our bodies exposure to different exercises so we don’t overwork some muscles and neglect others. Your eyes have muscles that need a workout too! A simple exercise, 2-3 times per day:

  • Move your gaze from side to side, rapidly 30 times (or one minute)
  • Move your gaze up and down, rapidly 30 times (or one minute)
  • Do not move your head, only your eyes

This will help to give your eye muscles a bit of a work out and relieve strain from only fixating and focusing in one spot.

Visit your optometrist regularly

Go for an annual eye-test, so that your prescription can be adapted if necessary. Having glasses or contacts that are too weak for your needs, adds strain to your eyes.

If you have issues with dry or itchy eyes, your optometrist may prescribe an eye-drop or help you to get to the bottom of the cause.

2020 Vision Diary

Make notes, of how well you can see, and revise those notes again in six months. Can you still see the fine lines on their face from here? Can you still distinguish colour when you make eye contact? Are you working comfortably? How many freckles are there now? It is still important to see your optometrist, annually, even if there are no issues.


We have a large range of eye-care products and supplements available at Mopani Pharmacy. If you need help choosing the correct product for you, speak to our pharmacists or knowledgeable sales staff.

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