Allergies or Sinus infection?

At the first sight of a sneeze, one might decide it is best to drink lots of fluids and stay in bed all day. However, it might not be the flu, or even a cold, or even a bacterial sinus infection. It might just be some allergy, or a temporary tickle between the nose hairs.

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Just an annoyance

Foreign objects like pet hairs and dust may travel up the nose and tickle the inner nose hairs. This permits the response of a sneeze, perhaps one or several. It depends on how ‘stuck’ the invader is.

What to do

  • Do not block your nose completely when you sneeze, otherwise it will stay in there
  • If need be, flush your nose out with a saltwater solution!


Pollen or micro-particles may enter your nasal cavity. If you are allergic to it, it may cause your body to react with a histamine response.

This may cause your eyes and skin to feel dry and itchy, cause a skin rash and give you some sniffles.

What to do

  • Use a nasal spray to control congestion & hydrate your nasal passage
  • Blow your nose before using nasal spray
  • Use anti-histamine OTC products
  • If you stay congested, flush your sinuses with a saltwater solution
  • Try to find out WHAT makes you react in this way – you can be tested for allergies or test yourself by process of elimination, and then stay away from the allergen.

Sinus infection

A sinus infection is identifiable at the first sight of green/yellow mucus – an indicator of bacteria. You may experience heavy congestion and pain around the eyes and forehead.

What to do

  • Drink lots of liquids to ensure that your mucus membranes do not dry out. This will help to alleviate your congestion, as the mucus will not be as thick
  • Use nasal spray to alleviate congestion
  • Blow your nose regularly
  • Use a saltwater solution to help kill off bacteria
  • If you have a nasal drip that causes your throat to hurt, you may need to visit your doctor
  • Your doctor can then prescribe antibiotics as treatment
  • Gargle a homemade saltwater solution to kill any bacteria that may be in the throat

For reference, refer to the table below

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