Did you know? Blister packs are not for blisters!

Hi, my name is Elbi. I work for Mopani Pharmacy. My name is up there as the author of many Mopani news pieces, and I have been writing these articles for a while now. Yes, the “Corporate feel” dictates that I should write as the whole of Mopani. Represent “us” and “we”. I had no idea how to start this article but I felt like, just this once, I am breaking protocol, because the concept of blister packs got me fired up. If you are reading this, it worked!

Dramatic headline, I know, but bear with me. I am sort of new to the Lowveld. Sort of new to the Mopani brand, and definitely new in the pharmaceutical industry. I am a writer, and 27 years old. Getting a variety of prescription medications will probably only be due when I am say, 28? Kidding! Definitely 29. Anyhoo, that’s neither here nor there. Point is, I’ve never heard of “blister packs” before. It was quite a revelation, since the first time I read the term I thought it was part of some first aid kit or something. If you did too, boy, do I have news for you!? If you know what blister packs are, consider yourself lucky to have knowledge of this marvellous addition to our offerings!

Ok, I’ve stalled enough. This is a blister pack!

It is a convenient, 7-day pack with individual packaging for every time of the day – to include your medication! You can get 4 of these to last you a month. Now I know what you are thinking… Why am I this excited? I am 27 with no prescriptions…

I do however take a variety of supplements, for my skin, immune system and organ functions. Our Pharmacy Operations Manager, had loads to share on this topic. Read more here: Aging well with these vitamins

The other reason? My Oumie. Due to health issues, she recently moved in with my mother. She has hip issues, arthritis and osteoporosis – among other things. Mom mentioned how Oumie has so many “botteltjies en pilletjies en kapsuletjies” (bottles, pills and capsules) all over the place. To keep track of what she is taking when, must be a nightmare. I wondered, what if there was a better way?

Here we are folks. Blister packs.

There are limitations, to be truthful. Effervescent and magnesium tablets are a no-go. Chewables are out too.

Other than that, you can have each of your medications sorted, according to meal or bed-times. If you add multivitamins or supplements, they will be packed in the slot where they will be most effective, in accordance with your existing medication. If you have something new added, it will be checked for contra-indications.

Courien Ackerman, one of our Blister pack experts, explained how it works: “Each item that a blister pack customer is using, is added onto the software to create the treatment plan, the items are packed, according to the treatment plan, manually into the blister packing material and then sealed by a heated sealing machine.”

Not to sound like a gadget-sales person on a late-night television commercial, but wait! There is more!

So, I have about 5 bottles and packs of things that I use on the regular. I don’t imagine all five of those bottles and packs fitting in my hand bag. I don’t imagine Oumie likes hauling out half the medicine cabinet with each meal either. What about childproof lids? Elderly persons with eye sight issues? Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, not certain if they’ve taken their meds or not?

A convenient, easily stored sleeve with popping your pills out right when you need them, makes for a no-brainer decision.

Your prescriptions / supplements will be put together and ready for you each month, to be collected or delivered before the previous pack runs out!

I am going to try to convince my Oumie to opt for a blister pack. If it does not change her life, it will change my mother’s. Al die pilletjies by mekaar, né?

How to sign up / ask for blister pack registration forms

  • You can ask for the forms when you visit the dispensary
  • Ask for the forms by sending an e-mail to easyplan@mopani.co.za
  • Additional information required: Copy of ID and valid prescriptions, Recent photo of patient (jpeg), Copy of medical aid card, Completed Treatment form with all medication listed on it
  • There will be a fee for the packaging materials used and the manual labour of dispensing, please ask for the current fee when you sign up. This can be paid via eft or in-store.
  • You need to have a Mopani Account, so that we can help keep track of your prescriptions and payments

Easy peazy, blister pack squeezy!


We can deliver your blister pack and other Mopani online shopping, nationwide! Contact us for info: mopani.co.za | crossing@mopani.co.za | Tel: 013 755 5500 | WhatsApp: 066-192-1703

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