Do’s and don’ts when shopping online

Online shopping can be the best shopping experience you have ever had, if you have trust in the system.

Mopani Online manager, Jason du Plessis, shares the do’s and don’ts of online shopping.

Correct delivery address and postal code

Many towns across the country have the same street names. A farm in Mpumalanga could have the same name as a suburb in Gauteng. If your delivery address does not have the correct postal code, there are a variety of problems that can follow. There are extra costs involved with rerouting, your parcel may not arrive on time, or it will simply be delivered to the incorrect address and be lost completely.

Click “Pay Now” only once

Once you are ready to check out and pay for your items, only click the Pay Now button once. We understand that some may experience slow internet speeds and response, but please wait for the interface to be redirected to the merchant site. This way, you will avoid paying twice. It’s not a problem for us to refund you. It happens frequently, but there is some red tape involved and it may take a day or two.

When in doubt, double check

Some supplements contain 30, 60 or 90 capsules. Protein shakes have different flavours. Cosmetic brands could have 30 shades of one lipstick. Be sure to choose the one you truly want. If you have doubts about the pack shot or description online, you are more than welcome to contact us. We will gladly send you a photo or double check the product for you. If you ordered the wrong product, we will gladly exchange it. However, the return shipping will be at your cost.

Consider the size of the item

Shipping costs are calculated by size and weight, whichever is greater. This means that although a pack of toilet paper is not that heavy, it takes up a lot of space. If we are to have a special on toilet paper for example, and you live very far away, the courier cost involved would not justify the saving. However, if you live close enough to visit our store, you can pay for it online and pick it up here.

Timely cart check-out

Our promotions are often timed with it’s department. A health care promotion will include vitamins, OTC (over the counter), toiletries and first aid items. Promotions often overlap and may expire at different times. This means that some of your items may no longer be on promotion, if you decide to pay at a later date. As we have experienced, some items fly off the shelves, and we may run out of stock. It is best to check-out your items and pay for them, as soon as you have loaded your online cart. This will avoid problems with a promotion expiring, or an item being sold out before you can complete your order.

Temperature sensitive items

Some medications contain active ingredients that cannot survive beyond certain temperatures. We have ways to try and preserve them; we can make use of ice packs. However, we cannot guarantee that the items will be uncompromised, should there be any delay in delivery. In the same regard, your chocolates might melt. Some items are best bought in-store.

Safely shopping

Most customers prefer shopping by using their credit- or debit card numbers. They don’t have to log into their bank profiles this way. Do not, under any circumstances, share your One Time Pin (OTP). Do not save your card details on your browser either. It is safer to enter and submit it every time, so no-one can access it later.

Special notes

You are more than welcome to leave us comprehensive instructions. If it is meant to be a gift, we can wrap it up or remove the price tag. If it contains medicines or products that are not safe for children, you can request a specific person to sign for the parcel. If you live in a complex and have a code to dial your unit, you can add that. We, and our couriers pay special attention to any instructions given.

Shop with an idea of usage

Some medications can may expire or crystallise before you get to use them. Consider your usage rate, and family needs when purchasing any OTC medicines. If you are unsure about the correct and safe use of a product, contact our pharmacists for advice. This is especially important with toddlers and babies, as they are unable to say what is bothering them.

We are here to help

We can deliver your medication, supplements, cosmetics, fragrances and other Mopani online shopping, nationwide. Contact us for info: | | Tel: 0137555500 | WhatsApp: 0661921703 

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