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Tips for buying for your business

Tips for buying for your business

It does not really matter what industry you are in, you will most likely be able to buy something for your business via our Business to Business (B2B) department.

For those in hospitality, we supply items to be used by guests. For those in retail, we sell merchandise that can be resold. For your office space, we can provide PPE and first aid kits. There is something for everyone.

Here is how you can get the most out of buying for your business.

Share your quotes with us

We strive to always keep our pricing competitive and fair. If you tell us what price you need us to beat, we can try our best to match or better the offer.

Use our online shop as a catalogue

Our online shop has more than 14 000 products listed. You can use it as a catalogue. If you prefer, you can place your orders online. We deliver nationwide.

Or simply use the online shop as a catalogue to make notes of what you would like to add, and some products you may have forgotten about.

Can’t find a product? Contact us

Our list of items online is growing as we add new products every week. If it is not available online or in-store, our B2B department can source it for you. It does not matter what you would like to order, or how big or small the order is. We are not limited to what we have on hand.

Take your storage space and usage into consideration

If you are a small shop, selling stock, or a lodge offering toiletries to guests, take your storage and usage into consideration. Some items, like bars of soap, might melt in hot storage. Some items may expire before they are used.

Make use of our expertise

If you need to know more about a product, contact or visit us. Our knowledgeable staff will make a recommendation on products that will suit your business- and its patrons’ needs best.

Buy what you can in bulk

There are some items that have a longer shelf life. These include but are not limited to electronic- and medical equipment, accessories and maternity- or sports attire. Buying these in bulk can save you a pretty penny, especially if you have negotiated a good price, or made use of a limited promotion.

Visit our Crossing store to meet our brilliant staff, pick up your medications, supplements, cosmetics, fragrances and more. Contact us for info: | | Tel: 0137555500 | WhatsApp: 0661921703

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