Medic Alert Bracelets – Save yourself!

You meet up with your friends for the first time in months. You crave your favourite Pub & Grill’s signature burger. Your eyes scan the floor. Your usual waiter is not there. The one taking your order informs you that the waiter had to move back to her hometown after the first 3 months of lockdown.

You are a bit sad, distracted; she was a really good waiter. She knew your order by heart. So you order quickly, and try to get into the conversation again. Soon, you are laughing. Having a good time. The food arrives. You can’t wait to dig in!

A few minutes in, your tongue feels a bit funny. You ask if anyone had tasted anything strange in their food. No.

Then it happens.

Your throat starts to close up.

PEANUT OIL! YOU FORGOT TO TELL THE WAITER ABOUT YOUR PEANUT ALLERGY! Your regular waiter always knew! You haven’t ordered this meal for so long, you even forgot that they use peanut oil. She knew about your allergy and always asked them to use an alternative. For some reason, your husband and friends are just standing there. Emotionless. They probably know what is going on, they know about your allergy, right? Your husband, he should definitely know? Why is he just standing there? 

This is it. Your epi-pen is in the car. Your eyes are swelling shut. You can barely feel your face.

Suddenly, you sit up straight, with beads of sweat running down your face and neck.

It was only a dream

That’s it. You have had this same dream for months now. Time to do something about it – because you definitely won’t be sleeping again tonight.

On to Mopani Online we go!

Medic alert bracelets

Alert those around you and remind loved ones of your condition:

There are so many to choose from!


Our medic alert bracelets are available in-store and online. Ask our knowledgeable staff about them. Write-On bands:

  • Write on the white strip with a fine permanent marker. Submerge the band into freshly boiled water, leave for 60 seconds, remove and air dry
  • Writing is then permanent. If marking fades over time, retrace details and follow water instructions again

We can deliver your medic alert bracelets and other Mopani online shopping, nationwide! More info: | | Tel: 013-755-5500 | WhatsApp: 066-192-1703

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