Office first aid box essentials - are you prepared?

Health and safety regulations requires every organisation to have a first aid kit that is suited to handle basic incidents. The number of employees will determine how many of each item you will need.

If your kit lacks any of the following items, you should contact Mopani Pharmacy for free inspection. Bring your kit, we will assess it, and you will only pay for the items we replace or add.


Burnshield is an international go-to emergency burn care range of products that provide an immediate and effective method of treating burns. The dressing packs are available in different sizes, and the range offers hydrogel treatments and an antiseptic as well.


Having several bandages of different sizes that can be wrapped around a wounded area are recommended. A triage bandage can be used to create a sling for your arm.


Sterile and non-sterile gauze helps prevent the material of a bandage from sticking to a wound or burned area.

Plaster strips (band aids)

Plaster strips are handy in terms of covering small cuts that don’t need stitches.

Elastic fabric roll

They are made with an adhesive, designed specifically to fix dressings in place and provide support for strain injuries. The special fabric is porous and allows air to circulate and skin to breathe.

Surgical tape

Surgical tape or medical tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used in medicine and first aid to hold a bandage or other dressing onto a wound.

Surgical gloves

Used when treating an injury, so you don’t come into direct contact with blood or the open wound.

Cotton wool

Cotton wool is ideal to use for dressings and wound care. It has the highest grade of absorbency in a range of styles and sizes. Cotton wool is gentle on the skin and holds many times its own weight in fluid. The cotton wool is suitable for padding and protection.

First aid scissors

First aid scissors can be used to cut surgical tape or fabric roll. It is best to have a dedicated scissor that has not been contaminated by many people using it to cut various things.

Metal forceps

They are used to remove small foreign bodies being dragged into a wound such as glass or debris.

Safety pins

Safety pins can be used to tie down and keep your bandages in place.

Plastic splints

Splints are used to stabilise an injured leg or ankle where there is a possible fracture or break.

CPR mouthpiece

A CPR mouthpiece is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.


This can be used to disinfect wounds or cuts.

Complete kits

You can opt for one of the following complete kits:

Spill kit – especially needed for factories

A spill kit contains non-sterile gauze to dress wounds, a pair of gloves, a plastic bag and antiseptic granules. The granules can be used to soak up a chemical spill. It can be mopped up after. Use the gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. The bag can be used to collect all the waste before it is discarded.

We offer first aid training, you can book a class for your team, or send your health and safety officer for a refresher course.

You can contact the Mopani Pharmacy B2B department to check your kit and supply a quote to replace or stock any items needed. We will pack them according to regulation 3 or 7, depending on your needs.

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