Think, Look, Buy, Local at Mopani

We often think of trips to the big cities in the country, as opportunities to get all the items that are not available in the Lowveld. Krispy Kreme and Starbucks comes to mind. But what if it was the opposite? What if, the Lowveld was the place you would find items you can’t find anywhere else?

We have so much to offer in the Lowveld in terms of farm fresh goods and unique, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted items. However, we are missing another piece of the puzzle entirely. Everyday items that can be mass-produced are available as well.

Benefits of buying local

When you support local businesses, it not only grows those businesses, but it creates new demands, opportunities and more jobs.

If you buy milk from a local farmer, that farmer will have a demand for yogurt, butter and cheese. A local tailor creating facemasks can later make a variety of clothing items.

Globally the economy is suffering due to the pandemic. Each product you order from another town, is money leaving the Lowveld. You are supporting local shops by buying from them, but the stock might be from elsewhere. We understand that some things are simply not available, locally, or that you may have a brand-preference. There are many opportunities to buy local products from local stores.

The more we encourage our friends and family to buy local, the better our local community economy will be boosted.

Buying locally will also have a good effect on reducing your carbon footprint. Our roads are filled with trucks, trekking cross-country to supply goods nation-wide. The more products we buy locally, the less fuel will be spent on transporting them.

If you would like to opt for local products, look for a “Buy Local” badge as a sticker on the product or as part of the promotional artwork on shelf talkers or pricing. It may be beige, red, blue or green.

Instead of buying commercialised honey, you can support a local brand of raw honey, Quercus, available at Mopani, in-store and online. The bees are moved between local farms to keep them well-fed and happy throughout every season. This also allows for the honey to contain pollen from the area, and thus naturally boosts your immune-system to fight pollen allergies.

We also sell beautiful shweshwe bags, handmade by, Andra Phillips (My Kitchen Table), local to the Lowveld.


“I am delighted that Mopani Pharmacy stocks three of my bags. What I love most about them, is the fabric I use. The shopper and sling -bags are made from the vibrant shweshwe fabric that South Africa is known for. The third bag is a larger zipped bag. I prefer beautiful botanical fabrics that showcase South African flowers, such as the King Protea, Pincushion Protea and Strelitzia. I hope the customers enjoy these bags as much as I do!”, said Phillips. 

View the bags here


Dig into some “Home-made Treats” rusks and cookies available at any of our stores. Baked with an extra dash of love in White River, they are delivered weekly to ensure that there is always a fresh supply.

If you need assistance in finding our local brands, ask our knowledgeable sales consultants for a recommendation.

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